Start Here

My mission is to build machines. Browse my photo blog. If you need a bicycle and you like my work then contact me and we can talk about your vision. Once on task I will work hard and obsess over every detail of your build until you are riding.

I am a physician trained in ergonomics. With the aide of a Serotta fit bike I can navigate through potential designs and riding positions to find what is optimum for you. This is especially true if you have medical issues such as knee or back problems that need addressed or are an odd sized rider.

I enjoy each unique challenge which is why I keep building.  Blood sweat and tears go into each machine. It is important that it becomes a perfect part of its owner.

I will build your machine within your budget. A variety of unique finishes are available. Wet paint and patina finishes are done in house. Powder is by AJ at West Coast Powder. Build kits available to suit.


2 Responses to Start Here

  1. art says:

    Hi. I Love your work. thinking about ordering a custom cyclocross frame built soon. what is your pricing like? turn around? feel freel to email me with some info. thanks!

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